Investors & Stakeholders

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, maximizing shareholder value and providing excellent workplace standards for everyone.

Corporate Governance

PRAESIDIAD understands that effective management of a company and applying good corporate governance helps to underpin the long term performance of the company thereby maximizing shareholder value while balancing the interest of all stakeholders and benefiting employees, customers, suppliers and surrounding communities.

PRAESIDIAD's board of directors act in good faith and are responsible for the success of the company through its guidance and monitoring of business activities. This is achieved through the formulation, delivery and review of the company’s operating strategy, monitoring and assessing the financial performance and business opportunities of the company and reporting regularly to its shareholders.

Good governance is promoted as the responsibility of everyone at PRAESIDIAD.


CVC, majority owner of PRÆSIDIAD, manages capital on behalf of over 300 institutional, governmental and private investors worldwide, acquiring controlling or significant minority interests in European, Asian and North American companies, employing over 350,000 people and generating combined annual sales of approximately US$100 billion.

Capability Statement

  • • World leader in integrated perimeter security systems and solutions
  • • Over 135 years of excellence
  • • Over 1,500 employees
  • • 8 manufacturing plants and 2 assembly sites worldwide
  • • 30+ sales offices and agencies
  • • Operating in over 100 countries
  • • Registered trade marks in over 200 countries
  • • Over 50 global patents