News Release

PRÆSIDIAD proposes strategic transformation plan to improve operational efficiencies at Betafence Belgium

November 23th 2021

PRÆSIDIAD, parent company of Betafence, has today announced a proposal to simplify operations at Betafence Belgium (Zwevegem), by focusing on made to order fencing solutions.

The proposal will look to streamline the organisation, increase operational efficiency, and adapt the company’s structure to ensure manufacturing activity can remain in Belgium, home of the Betafence brand. This is in line with the strategic transformation of the Betafence Belgium operations that started in 2018. The proposal is subject to the information and consultation procedure with the Works Council, which will determine the impact on employment.

“This proposal comes from continuous assessment and review of company operations to identify ways to improve operational efficiencies and productivity,” said Dino Koutrouki, Chief Executive of Præsidiad. “This proposed strategic transformation would make the Belgium Betafence Manufacturing Facility ready for the future and ensure Betafence remains a market leader in delivering both customized and high-volume products to our European customers, in this highly competitive and price sensitive market environment.”

The proposal includes additional investments in the Betafence Belgium operations, aimed at leveraging local manufacturing expertise and the proximity of Betafence Belgium to customers. This entails investments in production lines and the establishment of a customer experience centre. The manufacturing of high-volume fence panels would move to Praesidiad’s Subsidiary based in Suzhou, China.

Dino Koutrouki added: “Belgium is the original home to the Betafence brand, and we are proud of the heritage and legacy we have built in the region. This proposal demonstrates our commitment to the future of the plant in Zwevegem, creating a hub that would allow us to better serve shifting customer demands for customised and Made to Order fencing solutions.”

About Præsidiad
PRÆSIDIAD specialises in defence and protection systems for military, commercial and domestic end-users through its subsidiary brands which include Betafence, Hesco, Guardiar and Secure USA, who operate manufacturing facilities and specialist sites focused on force protection solutions, defensive systems and fencing products.